indent1 [in dent′; ] for n. [ in′dent΄, in dent′]
[ME endenten < OFr endenter or ML indentare, both < L in, in + dens, TOOTH]
a) to cut toothlike points into (an edge or border); notch; also, to join by mating notches
b) to make jagged or zigzag in outline
2. to sever (a written contract, etc.) along an irregular line, so that the parts may be identified
3. to write out (a contract, etc.) in duplicate
4. to bind (a servant or apprentice) by indenture
5. to space (the first line of a paragraph, an entire paragraph, a column of figures, etc.) in from the regular margin
6. to order by an indent
1. to form or be marked by notches, points, or a jagged border
2. to space in from the margin; make an indention
3. to draw up an order or requisition in duplicate or triplicate
1. a notch or cut in an edge
2. an indenture, or written contract
a) a space in from the margin; indention
b) an indented line, paragraph, etc.
4. Business an order form used in foreign trade and usually drawn up in duplicate or triplicate; specif.,
a) any order for foreign merchandise
b) an export order to buy certain goods at stated terms
indent2 [in dent′; ] for n. [ in′dent΄, in dent′]
[ IN-1 + DENT1]
1. to make a dent, or slight hollow, in
2. to apply (a mark, etc.) with pressure; impress; stamp in
a dent

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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